In the USA there are over fifty-three million people living with various types of disabilities. In fact, people of all ages with disabilities are considered the largest minority group in the world. These disabilities are not limited to social or economic barometers but affect people of all ages and economic strata. It is interesting to note, not one internet site or television network addresses all disabilities no matter the scale. Yes there are sites with statistics and demographic information, but no television channels are dedicated to turning disabilities into abilities. Therefore, William Kidston and Ron C. Peck are pooling their talents, experiences and skills to launch both an internet channel and a television network dedicated strictly to disabilities currently surrounding our world. This is a sensitive subject and always subject to critique and criticism; however, those supporting and experiencing  disabilities of all types have the same dreams and aspirations as those void of the disability. The goal and mission of Inclusive TV (ICTV) Television internet channel and network is to debunk all misunderstandings, prejudices, superstitions, and misconceptions about people with disabilities.     


2481 Mission Street, San Marino, CA 91108 United States

Our Vision

Our Mission

Inclusive TV (ICTV) Is the first broadcasting and Production Company by, for and about all people with disabilities.

We are a team of Artists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Volunteers who are dedicated to showing the world the courageousness of the Handi-Capable Community using all multi-media so that the world will be touched, moved and Inspired by their Spirit.